Optimize Kazoo UI

How to optimize Kazoo UI? The optimizer will reduce the size, obfuscate and reformat all the CSS and JS file in the project. 


In order to use the optimizer, you will need the requirejs optimizer (https://github.com/jrburke/r.js). You will need to install node and npm.

The build file

The optimizer is based on a build file that will specify what options you will want to use to optimize the project. Here is the one that I used to do it:

({baseUrl: ../kazoo_ui/
,dir: optimized
,preserveLicenseComments: false,


If you want to get more information about what option is used for what I recommend taking a look at the example here:  https://github.com/jrburke/r.js/blob/master/build/example.build.js  


Let’s say that you have put the optimizer file (r.js) and your build file (build.js) in a folder at the same level than the Kazoo UI folder. The command that you will need to execute is the following one:

node r.js -o build.js

When the execution is done, you should have a folder called “optimized” in the same folder as r.js.

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