Kazoo Debug

To be able to debug your setup you need to check the logs. The command tail -f xxx.log will open the logfile and present a live running view.   Essential log files are:


The main log of the Kazoo platform, tells you roughly what is happening on your systems in terms of Kazoo. It requires some getting used to, but after that its your best friend. If you need it to show you more details you can set the verbose level:

/opt/kazoo/utils/sup/sup whistle_maintenance syslog_level debug

  ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syslog#Severity_levels ) /var/log/haproxy.log

Underestimated tiny log file, really descriptive. It tells you if haproxy is doing the needed magic, if not your system won’t run nicely. Used by Kazoo to access mulitple systems as if they where one (BigCOUCH DB):


Kamailio is your SBC, it receives registration requests  (+some) and validates them:


Freeswitch should be obvious, all calls are handles by it. This file will give you a lot of info. One could also use fs_cli on a Freeswitch box:    /var/log/rabbitmq/rabbit.log

Rabbitmq is the communication tool used by Kazoo to communicate internally.   Typical usage:   User case:

Inbound call fails:

Just imagine what should happen for a call to be accepted:

A call needs to be placed by someone, then delivered to Kazoo platform, then accepted by Freeswitch, then dealt with. So.. can you confirm that someone (you?) is dialing the right number? Is the number configured at the DID provider to be routed to Kazoo? ARE U SURE?? Ok, so lets first shutdown one FS box or tail -f /var/log/freeswitch/debug.log on all FS boxes. Place a test call…do you see an invite coming in that file? Yes? Great…find the CALL ID and close the log file, then grep CALL ID /var/log/freeswitch/debug.log The result of that action should be relevant log lines for that call. Check it line for line to see what happened and why it did not do what you expected.

Most errors in the early stage of the Kazoo learning curve have to do with ACLS. Also check Inbound Calls Fail and this page No invite? That suggests that the call is not delivered to your systems. Can you confirm that someone (you?) is dialing the right number? Is the number configured at the DID provider to be routed to Kazoo? ARE YOU SURE? If so, please check if you dont have a firewall in place thats messing stuff up. One easy but dangerous way to test is to disable the firewall for a while. Still nothing? If you are using a SIP address when directing calls to Kazoo, please check DNS and DNS propagation, if unsure try to use the ip address instead of domain name. Still nothing you could check the Kazoo log, i dont think it will contain anything but you (actually i) never know.              

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