Adding iSpeech TTS to Kazoo

Adding iSpeech TTS to Kazoo


Adding iSpeech TTS to Kazoo provides a nice TTS engine for turning your dynamic text into a sound file for playing to your callers. Once Kazoo is configured properly, iSpeech will be used to generate the TTS wav files instead of the default mod_flite FreeSWITCH module. Generally speaking, the iSpeech versions are of a higher quality. As iSpeech is a third-party service, you will need to setup and maintain your iSpeech account/credits outside of Kazoo itself.  

Configure Kazoo to use iSpeech

  1. Access your BigCouch/CouchDB Futon GUI (usually located at

  2. Open up the system_config database

  3. Edit the speech document:

"_id" : "speech",
     "default": {
       "tts_url": "",
       "tts_api_key": "YOUR_ISPEECH_KEY",
       "tts_frequency": "16000",
       "tts_bitrate": "16",
       "tts_speed": 0,
       "tts_start_padding": 1,
       "tts_end_padding": 0,
       "tts_provider": "ispeech",
       "tts_voice": "female",
       "tts_language": "en-US",
       "tts_default_voice": "female/en-US",
       "tts_url_ispeech": ""

These configs should take effect the next time something (such as directory or Pivot’s Say) utilizes the TTS commands in Kazoo. Kazoo will proxy/cache the generated .wav file for a time, and normal FreeSWITCH media caching will also take place, so an oft-used TTS string should not require accessing iSpeech (resulting in audio delays).