Callflows and SmartPBX Settings Map

The SmartPBX and Callflows applications in KAZOO access many of the same settings for users, devices, numbers, groups, and voicemails. Which application you use to manage these settings depends largely on the end result you are looking for.


> 💡 NOTE: This documentation refers to the Monster UI implementation

Before you Start

  1. The first step is to set up your account using the Accounts Manager app. The notes below assume your initial settings have been configured and as an admin you want to refine/edit/update these.
  2. To help decide on what application to use when, refer to this document,Monster App Choices: When to use SmartPBX v. Callflows v. APIs

Reference Grid Comparing Settings

💡 NOTE: The settings are saved to the same database regardless of where they are entered. In most cases if you change a setting in SmartPBX it will change in Callflows, and vice-versa.

The reference grid below can be used as a companion document that summarizes what and where some of these settings live in ach application, and highlights some of the differences in access between the two. The colored text denotes the following:

  • Orange Text = Available in Callflows, not SmartPBX

Detailed Comparison