The content in this section relects our KAZOO open source repository (version 4.3), which is no longer maintained.



About Play

Play media to the caller


Validator for the play callflow data object

KeyDescriptionTypeDefaultRequiredSupport Level
answerWhether to answer an unanswered callboolean()false
endless_playbackLoop the media continuouslyboolean()falsefalse
idMedia ID or URL of the media to playstring()false
loop_countHow many times to loop the mediainteger()false
skip_moduleWhen set to true this callflow action is skipped, advancing to the wildcard branch (if any)boolean()false
terminatorsWhat DTMF can terminate playback of the audioarray(string())["1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8", "9", "*", "0", "#"]false

Loop Count

If you want to play the media a number of times, include loop_count to do so.

Endless Playback

Endless playback is exactly that - playback of the media will not stop on the channel until the channel is hung up. The media is uninterruptible.

endless_playback=true takes precedence over loop_count>0 if both are included.

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