The content in this section relects our KAZOO open source repository (version 4.3), which is no longer maintained.

Page Group

Page Group

About Page Group

Creates a page group from devices/users/groups


Validator for the page_group callflow data object

KeyDescriptionTypeDefaultRequiredSupport Level
audioWhat kind of audio for the group members`string(‘one-way’‘two-way’)`one-waytrue
barge_callsShould the Endpoint be interrupted by this callboolean()false
endpoints.[].delayHow long to delay ringing the endpoint, in secondsinteger()0false
endpoints.[].endpoint_typeThe type (device, user, etc) of endpoint`string(‘device’‘user’‘group’)`
endpoints.[].idThe ID of the endpointstring(1..128)true
endpoints.[].timeoutHow long to ring the endpoint, in secondsinteger()20false
endpoints.[].weightWeight of endpoint, different usage in various strategiesinteger()false
endpointsEndpoint IDs (devices, users, etc) included in the ring grouparray(object())true
skip_moduleWhen set to true this callflow action is skipped, advancing to the wildcard branch (if any)boolean()false
timeoutHow long to ring the ring group before continuing, in secondsinteger()5false
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