The content in this section relects our KAZOO open source repository (version 4.3), which is no longer maintained.

Group Pickup Feature

Group Pickup Feature

About Group Pickup Feature

Feature code to toggle what group (group, user, device, extension) to pick up a ringing call from.


Validator for the group_pickup_feature callflow data object

KeyDescriptionTypeDefaultRequiredSupport Level
approved_device_idRestrict calling device to Devicestring()false
approved_group_idRestrict calling device to Groupstring()false
approved_user_idRestrict calling device to Userstring()false
device_idDevice to pickupstring()false
group_idGroup in which to find a call to pickupstring()false
skip_moduleWhen set to true this callflow action is skipped, advancing to the wildcard branch (if any)boolean()false
typeThe type of collection to pickup`string(‘group’‘user’‘device’‘extension’)`
user_idUser in which to find a call to pickupstring()false


The feature code for group pickup will lookup a device by SIP username or an extension. The callflow for that extension is searched in a depth-first order until a target-able module is found (one of user, device, ring_group, or page_group). Once a suitable module is found, if there is an unanswered call ringing a targeted device it will be picked up.

Extension callflow

Create a callflow with patterns' key as: [”^\7([0-9])$“]and set the parametertype’ to extension.


Now create a callflow to ring appropriate endpoint(s) (say extension 401).

Dial 401 to start ringing the endpoints; on another phone, dial *7401 to pickup the call.

SIP Username callflow

This example was done using BLF on a spa504g.

The SIP username of the device we want to monitor for this example is 55578547.

Connect to the phone’s UI and on the Phone Tab, go to Line Key 2 and set:

Setting|Value Extension|disabled Share Call Appearance|private Extended Function|:fnc=blf+cp;;

On the Attendant Console Tab, set Attendant Console Call Pickup Code to *98#. This way the user name part of the subscription is passed along (*9855578547).

Create the feature code callflow: