Webhooks allow Kazoo to send HTTP requests to a third-party web server, alerting that server of events occurring within Kazoo. Typically, events would be fired for new calls, when a call is answered, and when a call is finished, though other events will be added in the future.

Webhooks sends a HTTP, GET, or POST notification to a URL defined by you when certain events occur on a system. Web Hooks are subscriptions to allowed events that, when the event occurs, the event data is sent to the uri set in the Web Hook document.


  • Inform my service that a customer pressed “1” to accept charges.
  • Update a work tracking system from a standard telephone. (eg. Hotel Staff dial *179 to confirm checkout)
  • Track agent/ sales performance in an external system.
  • Load a customer profile on an agents CRM software when they call in.


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