Pivot Manager

The Pivot app gives developers greater control within designing callflows than what comes natively in Kazoo. Pivot attempts to corral the salient data and send it, via HTTP to the developer’s web server. Pivot expects a response with appropriate XML or JSON, and will execute the callflow returned on behalf of the developer.

Some examples use cases include:

  • Checking an external account balance before allowing a call
  • Routing an incoming call based on custom logic
  • Present menu items and respond to selections based on information in your database


About the Pivot App

Pivot enables 3rd party developers to exert real time call control on KAZOO via REST API. This means your web or SaaS application can tell phone calls what to do, during the call!

When a Pivot call flow is created, a developer provides a URI (address) that points to their web server. From then on, when KAZOO receives a phone call for a Pivot-enabled phone number, KAZOO sends an HTTP request to the 3rd party server asking it for call flow commands. KAZOO will then take the response and execute the appropriate commands for the call.

With over 40+ APIs to choose from, you aren’t stuck rebuilding basic PBX functionality from scratch. 2600Hz adds a handy side app that helps you track your Pivot URLs and see payload information in real-time so you can troubleshoot your Pivot calls quickly and easily.

Below is an overview of the callflow process with a Pivot Callflow Action implemented.

Set up a new Pivot Callflow Action

💡 NOTE on terms: We call a pivot routine we create as a “Pivot Callflow Action”. This is because it is added within our callflows application, while creating IVRs, or Incoming Voice Responses. To create a new pivot action, follow the following steps.

Select the + New Pivot Callflow Action button at the top right from your Pivot app home screen

Enter values to define the Action

Create its name

Use a name that you can easily remember and search. If you have multiple sub-accounts you may want to include the account name or abbreviation to call it out specifically.

Select a number or extension associated with the call.
Note you can select more than one number if, for example the same action can be associated with different incoming numbers or extensions. If you need a new number, you can purchase one and/or assign an already purchased number that is available in your account.

Select your method and URL to initiate in your request, and select the Request format you want to use.

NOTE: There are a limited number of supported TwiML formats; we are adding more as requested: check below for a current list HERE.

Edit your Pivot Callflow Action

Once you have created a Pivot action it will save the data and display on the home listing page. To edit a Pivot, select the Gear icon to the right of the Pivot name.

Debug your Pivot Callflow Action

In the next section, you can find some testing tricks to try your Pivot action before you enable it on your account. If you have tested it, and want to view its payload and possible errors, go to the Debug page.