2.6 User Guide

ℹ️ The following is a User Guide for 2.6 and its core workspaces. (Phone, Contacts, Conferences, Fax)


ℹ️ What’s new for 2.6

The Dock, Workspaces, Apps and Websites

Configuring Websites

Add your own internal site, or any other website directly to with the new Websites feature.

To get started simply navigate to the website tab and select “+ Website)

Users, will be able to add websites that only they can see within

Admins, will be able to add websites that only they can see AND account wide sites, that all users on the account will see and have access to. Regular users will be unable to edit or delete admin created sites.

Phone Workspace (with Webphone)

By default the Phone Workspace will open with the Call History tab selected, you can select to view Call History, Voicemail, or Parked Calls to the right of the webphone in your Phone Workspace.


The webphone uses a tab system to access various phone functions. To make a call, dial a number or select the directory icon to see your internal directory. Once in the internal directory, you can search or scroll through the directory, simply hit the phone icon to dial.

Once you make a call, you will see that you are moved to the Calls tab, and will see a calling card for your active call. In the calling card, the bottom has a set of call control buttons for you:

- In-Call Dial Pad - Mute/Unmute - Video - Transfer - Blind - Call-Ahead - Park - Auto-assign spot - Manually pick spot - Screenshare (same account only)

The calling card also has 2 larger buttons next to the caller, hold and hang up. When placing a call on hold you will notice the “Pause” button will turn into a “Resume” button. Your other call controls will also disappear.

A settings tab also is available to control volume, mic, speaker, ringer and camera settings.

Quickly see your call history, with ability to search, and filter by date to find that call you need.