Account Settings Admin Guide

ℹ️ The following is a user guide for Account Settings - this is a reseller/admin only feature


To access account settings click on the “guy in the suit” in top menu bar.

Account Info

Account Name This is the name the account was originally created as. This is the “human friendly” version of the account.

Account ID This value is read-only and is what the system uses internally as a unique identifier . It can be referenced and copied into a support ticket for account debugging if necessary.

Account Realm The account realm is an important component for the internal workings of your system. It is important this setting is defined and kept static once it is defined. By default, the realm is auto-generated by the Create Account Wizard. As it is an auto-generated name it is not typically a recognizable string of characters; most accounts will rename the first portion of the string using the company or department name to more easily distinguish among multiple accounts.

- _**NOTE:  We recommend you define this during your Account Wizard setup process, and if you are white-labeling the solution set, it’s best to have this already defined before you access these pages.   It is not recommended you change it here, as it can cause service disruptions.**_

Technical Contact

Enter the contact person who should be the first line of support for your account.  This may already be included as part of your original installation.


Timezone This is where the default Timezone for the system is defined.

  • Notes
    • The User Interface timezone displayed within the to end users can be overwritten by each user and customized to reflect a local timezone if it is different from the company’s home account timezone.
    • The Timezone setting defines a “home default” time zone that will be used to stamp incoming calls, track office hours and holiday settings, and help direct callflow variables as needed.

Phone Numbers Format This setting identifies the format you want to see phone numbers in. By default, all phone numbers are displayed in their international standard (+1 415 222 1234 for a US number for instance), but you can also choose to display numbers in their national format (e.g. 415 888-2222 for a US number).

Finally you can choose to display all numbers in their international format, and then select countries that you wish to display in their national formats. This would mean for example, a US number could display without the country code, and all other international numbers would keep their country codes.

National mode will show only the local format. If you anticipate international calls this is not recommended.

Caller ID Privacy

Caller-ID Privacy This setting defines how you want your outgoing calls to be identified in Caller ID.

  • NOTE: If you select “Hide name and Number” your calls may be rejected by a receiving PBX or caller filtration software system.


A trunk is akin to a physical phone line. Only one call can be active for each trunk.

Inbound and Outbound Inbound Trunks can only handle calls inbound from a carrier, Outbound Trunks can only handle calls outbound to a carrier

Two-way Trunks Two-way trunks provides added flexibility; they can be dynamically assigned as inbound or outbound. The value entered is the total amount of trunks available, for example a value of 5 could assigned at any time as 4 inbound and 1 outbound, or 2 inbound and 3 outbound.

Payment Details

Credit Card on File You MUST enter a credit card and maintain a balance for your main account.

Once this is entered, it will be used to:

  • Purchase new numbers
  • Add credit under the Usage Charges screen for discrete charges including
    • Monthly charges
    • Added billing for some applications
    • Added billing for SMS/MMS texts, depending on your service plan
    • Manual override charges for call restrictions as defined in the Accounts setup.

Billing Contact Enter contact information for billing questions. This is used if there is someone specific that we need to speak with regarding billing.

Usage Charges

Usage Charges This is where you can monitor your account usage, manage credits, enable threshold alerts, enable Auto Recharge, and if a Reseller, manage subscription payment.

ℹ️ Only the top level account needs to have credit card information associated to it.

  • When an account is first created and set up. A service plan will be added. Billing starts at that date (proration). When the customer enters their card, there will be a charge then. They will also then be at the beginning of each month.

  • The credit card is charged at billing cycles. When an account is first set up, after the service plan has been added, the account will be charged for the remainder of the month (proration).

  • Under the Usage Charges / Subscriptions tab you can set when and how you want to set up payments for your monthly bill — as an automatic billing via this charge card, charged against your account credit, or by manually going to check your balances. The latter, called “Self Manage” is set as the default.