What is comm.land?

Comm.Land is a desktop and web application that provides a suite of communication and collaboration tools. It is the new generation of KAZOO-driven user experience, but with a more cohesive desk phone core.

Comm.Land is designed to support a microfrontend architecture, meaning that the loading and management of each individual application is completely modular. The main technologies and libraries that support this architecture are:

  • React.js: The de facto standard for building user interfaces, while also maintaining a clean and manageable developer experience. React components allow you to reuse user interface elements very easily, and also keep the HTML, JS, and CSS in closer proximity of each other using JSX.
  • Typescript: A superset of JavaScript that brings static typing to the JS ecosystem. It eventually is compiled down to vanilla JavaScript. TypeScript supports JSX out of the box, meaning that you can code complex UI elements in the JSX syntax, with strong typing, and then eventually compile it all to vanilla JavaScript to be run in the browser.
  • Electron: The framework that powers the Comm.Land desktop application.
  • single-spa: This package is engine for stitching together all the microframeworks (applications) to make Comm.Land in its entirety.
  • Sipster-Design-System: Sipster Design System (SDS) is our internal design system for developing digital products and experiences for the KAZOO ecosystem. It can be easily imported into a custom application, though it is not necessary to build an application for Comm.Land.